Where to See Wildflowers in Reno Tahoe

Where to See Wildflowers in Reno Tahoe

Spring has arrived in the Truckee Meadows, and there is more growing in the Great Basin than just sagebrush! With the amount of rain and snow the area has received, the flowers should bloom effortlessly this year. Head to the beautiful outdoors to spot wildflowers, including sunflowers, Jacob’s ladder and the yellow flag iris, and all that nature will offer in the spring season. Enjoy colorful, native and blooming flowers near the lake or in the mountains and surrounding foothills – all of these will give you an abundance of flowers depending on the elevation.

Coming up in the recent weeks, flowers will start budding with flowers and greenery in locations below 5,000′. After that, expect every month more flowers to climb the mountains 1,000′ at a time until August.

Desert and Foothills

A sea of purple will take over the desert, as spreading phlox and the common purple mustard begin to bloom during April and May. Check out local hiking trails to see big-headed clovers and desert Indian paintbrushes. Part of the orchid family, the rare broad-leaved twayblade is predominately located in Tahoe and can be found around small creeks.

In the foothills, look for wild iris, California poppies and lupine to bloom in May and June. There are many popular hiking trails to see these wildflowers, including Hunter’s Creek Trail and Thomas Creek. Other great places to visit are Huffaker Hills, Washoe Lake State Park and areas around Virginia City.

Mixed in with Nevada’s state flower – sagebrush – different types of buckwheat and Sierra primroses will be adding pops of yellow, pink and red throughout the region at all elevations.

Mountain Peaks

If you decide to head into the mountains around Reno, including Peavine Peak and the Mount Rose Wilderness, you can expect to see lilies, penstemon, alpine paintbrushes and wandering daisies as late as July. If you missed seeing the mountains covered in a blanket of white snow, the wandering daisy will fill meadows with white blossoms. Lilies and alpine paintbrushes will add pops of color along the trails, and are perfect for pictures of Reno’s vast and beautiful backyard.

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