Top Ten Tahoe Quotes from President Barack Obama

Top Ten Tahoe Quotes from President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama recently visited Lake Tahoe to speak at the 20th annual Lake Tahoe Summit where he spoke on climate change, the connection between people and planet, and one of our favorite topics – preserving Lake Tahoe. Here’s what he had to say about our beloved lake:

Our healing of Lake Tahoe proves it’s within our power to pass on the incredible bounty of this country to the next generation.

This place is spectacular because it’s one of the highest, deepest, and purest lakes in the world.

It has been written that the lake’s water was once so clear that when you’re out on the lake, it feels like you’re floating on a balloon.

It’s been written that the air here is so fine that it must be the same air that the angels breathe.

It is no wonder that for thousands of years this place has been a spiritual marker.

Just as this place is sacred to Native Americans, it should be sacred to all Americans.

Places like this nurture and restore the soul.

As a former Washoe tribe leader said, “the health of the land and the health of the people are tied together.

We’ve worked hard to preserve treasures like this for future generations.

We’re here to protect this special, pristine place. To keep these waters crystal clear. To keep the air as clear as the heavens. To keep alive Tahoe’s Spirit.

Thanks, President Obama, we’re pretty big fans of Lake Tahoe too!


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