Reno Tahoe Distilleries

Reno Tahoe Distilleries

There is a lot of dedication, passion and talent when it comes to manufacturing spirits. Here in Reno Tahoe we have multiple individuals that hold those qualities. With fields, farms and brains in the area, we have distilleries that bring together local grains and love which creates delicious spirits for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to check out one, or all, of the distilleries within the Reno Tahoe area.

Seven Troughs Distilling 

Seven Troughs Distilling has been hand-crafting spirits in the Reno area since 2012. These distillers focus on the quality of the spirits that they produce by getting as close as they possibly can to making them from scratch. With spirits like moonshine, rum, vodka, gin and bourbon, you will taste the local grains and the local talent all in one. Book a tasting and tour today! 

The Depot Craft Brewery Distillery 

The Depot manufactures many spirits, but they are highly known for their award-winning whiskey. They collect their grains from local fields and farms; once these grains are milled, cooked, fermented and washed, they are transferred to their forged copper and steel stills where the whiskey comes to life. While you get to enjoy The Depot’s delicious whiskey, be sure to check out their brews and food as well.

Frey Ranch Distillery 

Just an hour outside of Reno you can find the Frey Ranch Distillery near Fallon, Nevada. As of right now this distillery manufactures vodka, gin, and absinthe. Their whiskey just needs a little more time to age but it will be worth the wait. This distillery does it all, from the growing to the bottling and every step in-between to make sure that their spirits give a unique taste. 

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Tahoe Moonshine Distillery & Speakeasy 

Tahoe Moonshine has been giving Lake Tahoe a taste of their delicious spirits since April 2015. No matter the cost or time, this distillery makes it a point to produce the best quality, hand-crafted spirits around. Using grains and herbs from local farms, as well as Northern California farms, they have created spirits like the Sormin Whiskey, Snowflake Vodka, Jug Dealer Rum and Jagged Peaks Gin. Stop by to give it all a taste all while enjoying a view of Edgewood golf course, and of course, breathtaking Lake Tahoe.

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Verdi Local Distillery 

Verdi Local Distillery has a mission to offer premium, full flavor, innovative whiskeys and gin. On the first and third Friday of every month starting at 5pm and ending at 8pm, they open their doors for everyone to come in and taste their whiskey. Their whiskey is unique because it isn’t just your typical whiskey, they manufacture whiskey with different flavors. For example they have created an Apple Cinnamon Whiskey, Mahogany Whiskey and a Lemon Whiskey. They have even created a Garlic Vodka which mixes perfectly for the best Bloody Mary.

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Branded Hearts Distillery 

Branded Hearts Distillery was founded in 2014 and manufactures rum and whiskey for the Reno area. The founders of this distillery were previously in the career of law enforcement and stumbled across a different path. The passion that they have found for creating spirits that leave your taste buds happy come straight from their hearts.

“When you walk away from something having had a good experience, it stays with you. You now have a branded heart.” – Joshua Nichols, co-founder of Branded Hearts Distillery.

Stop by and check out their Dark Panela Rum, Single Malt Whiskey, and Mountain West Whiskey.

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