Reno Tahoe Dining and Beer Tours

Reno Tahoe Dining and Beer Tours

Reno Tahoe is home to delicious restaurants and breweries.  In areas like MidTown, downtown, and Lake Tahoe there are an unlimited amount of places for you to check out. Here are a few different ways for you to get a little taste of what Reno Tahoe has to offer.

Reno Food Walks

Reno Food Walks has a mission to connect Reno’s history, culture, and community with food. Buy your tickets today and get ready to try tastings, snacks, and bites from 6 eateries in MidTown and downtown while experiencing the beautiful murals throughout the districts. If you are interested in private group tours that option is also available.

The Berkshire Pork Chop is back! Blue lake green beans, braised red cabbage, crispy yukon potatoes, poached apples

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MidTown Food Walk

Speaking of getting in tune with Reno’s culture and community, Artown specializes in it. On Saturday, July 16 starting at 11am Artown is hosting a MidTown Food Walk. This gives you the opportunity to experience MidTown District with a behind-the-scenes look at the vibrant diversity with our food offerings.

Dine the District Food Tour 

The Riverwalk District is host to Dine the District Food Tour. The next tour will be on October 1, 2016 at 1pm. Not only will you have an opportunity to enjoy a variety of culinary delights from some of the best restaurants in the Reno area, you will be supporting continued development of the Riverwalk District.


Photo Courtesy of Dine The District Food Tour

Reno Brew Bike 

In order to check out the best bars in downtown, the Reno Brew Bike is the most exciting way to do it. Get your friends together to not only taste what downtown has to offer, but to ride through it. From places like Sierra Tap House, Pignic, and all of the bars in between, this will be an experience you won’t forget.

Tahoe Brew Tours

In North Lake Tahoe there are many different breweries to check out. The easiest and funnest way to taste the best breweries up there is to do a Tahoe Brew Tour. The Tahoe Brew Tour team believes that the best way to get people together and have a good time is to take them to the highest rated breweries in North Lake Tahoe.

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