Reasons to Visit Reno Tahoe During Springtime

Reasons to Visit Reno Tahoe During Springtime

Spring truly is a unique time to visit Reno Tahoe USA. You can ski and golf, or hike and snowshoe all in one day. The transition from winter to summer offers sights and experiences only Reno Tahoe can offer. Here are some great reasons to visit the area during the spring months.




Reno is Blossoming

Trees and Flowers are beginning to bloom all around! Whether you’re taking a stroll by the Riverwalk District, through the campus of The University of Nevada, Reno or on a hike in the hills of Reno or mountains of Lake Tahoe, you’ll be sure to notice trees and flowers blossoming throughout the region! Put on your walking shoes and take in the natural beauty, colors and sunshine gracing the area.

cherry blossoms


Paddle Board on Lake Tahoe

Throughout spring, Lake Tahoe’s water is typically calm and clear, making it the perfect time to get your first steps into the crisp and refreshing lake. Take advantage of the lake before the summer crowds hit, and take in the views of snow-capped mountains while gliding through the fresh water. For information on stand up paddleboard rentals, visit our stand up paddleboarding page.



Snow Adventures on the Mountain, Patio Seating in the City

The transition between winter and summer in Reno Tahoe provides the best of both worlds for skiiers and snowboarders. With all the snow that has fallen on the mountains this ski season, and the snow typically staying fresh until mid-April, spring is an excellent time to head up to the slopes. After a day of gliding through the mountains, head to city for a meal and ask for patio seating. With the temperatures rising in Reno, many restaurants begin opening their outdoor seating areas in the spring. Having a snow filled adventure in the day, and a relaxing outdoor meal in the evening is an experience not many places can offer. For ideas on places to check out, visit our outdoor seating blog.



Special Events

Spring is the official start of event season in Reno Tahoe USA! Be sure to plan ahead and attend some of the events taking place in The Biggest Little City over the next few months:

April 14 – April 17 Reno Ukulele Festival

May 6 – May 8 Reno Sculpture Fest

May 7 – May 8 Reno River Festival

May 13 – May 21 Craft Beer Week

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