Rad Women in #RenoTahoe – Happy International Women’s Day!

Rad Women in #RenoTahoe – Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! Get inspired by some of our favorite shots from lady Instagrammers who rule #RenoTahoe. Hope these photos inspire you to celebrate the rad women in your life and take more incredible adventures in Reno, Lake Tahoe and beyond!

Spotted: an LLV in her natural habitat. 📷: @missruthanne

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In the company of these fellow rad girls yesterday, seeking sunshine 🌞

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Magical moments after the storm cleared up this evening! Dragging sticks in the sand, running down the dock, and cooking s’mores on the fire. @renotahoeusa 📸: @alynicklas

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#Repost @renogazettejournal ・・・ Tag, my turn! Thanks so much to RGJ reporter Mike Higdon for his #urbanreno series during June. Follow Mike @millennialmike so as to not miss out on his awesome photography! My name is Jason Bean, and I’m a staff photographer for the RGJ. My theme for July is #jumpforjoy. I was inspired by legendary portrait photographer Philippe Halsman, who had a lifelong personal project in which he would ask all of his subjects to jump for him after posing for their formal portrait. He made a book about it and called it simply “Jump!” Google it. He claimed you can tell a lot about a person by the way they jump, and I agree. So I’m asking folks to jump for me and then tell us what brings joy into their life. Jumping is an expression of joy after all! I thought I would give our mayor, who is a very good sport, first crack at it. @mayorschieve said that “A community that believes in themselves” brings her joy. Thanks for following me this month and enjoy! #reno #reno365 #365project #jump #joy

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I know all this rain is a good thing but I am yearning for more warm sunny days ahead •••

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