Noble Pie: Don’t Forget the Wings

Noble Pie: Don’t Forget the Wings

Noble Pie Parlornoble pie 2

239 W 2nd St
Reno, NV 89501

I’m beginning to believe all this talk about Noble Pie having the best wings in town and here’s why… Flavor! The combination of whatever is in that spicy and savory sauce is sensational and truly unique, and add in the fresh garlic and green onion, and a sink in the homemade ranch, and you’ve got the perfect bite.

Usually I gripe about wings that lack the exterior crunch, and even with these I yearn for it, but for some reason I’m willing to set that aside with these. There’s something about the tenderness of the wings that make them oh so special! On a recent visit I learned a PRO TIP from a friend that I won’t miss out on next time! You can order your wings EXTRA CRISPY, and from the looks of those that arrived to her, that’s what I’ve been missing the whole time.

I snagged a half pound order of wings, which was about 6 of em, and a small house salad with their sweet basil vinaigrette, and that was one helluva lunch! For about $13 incl tax and tip, Id call that a score any day of the week!

Good News: Noble Pie Parlor is opening a second location in Midtown this year! They will be opening among a handful of other new businesses in the 777 Center building located at 777 S. Center Street in Reno.

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