How to Reach Your 10,000 Steps in Reno Tahoe

How to Reach Your 10,000 Steps in Reno Tahoe


There are many different ways to satisfy your Fitbit by reaching your 10,000 steps each day and not even know that you are doing it! Being that spring is here and summer is right around the corner, what better way to reach that goal other than to do it outside? Reno Tahoe offers an unlimited amount of trails, sightseeing walks, and activities to indulge in what make your steps count.


MidTown Mural Walk

How does taking a walk and gazing upon beautiful street art sound? In the MidTown District of Reno there are more than 60 murals painted by, not just local artists, but national and international artists as well. These murals represent the uniqueness and edginess that the MidTown District has brought to the Reno area. If you dedicate two to three hours of time, you will be able to enjoy alluring art and also satisfy your hunger by stopping at one of the many locally owned restaurants that the MidTown District has to offer. Next thing you know, your Fitbit will be hitting the ten thousandth step in no time!


Downtown River Walk

Very close to the MidTown District is the River Walk District. The Truckee River flows right through the heart of Downtown Reno and it is a beautiful sight to see. Alongside the river are tons of  trees and flowers in bloom. There are areas in which you can step down onto the rocks and dip your feet into cool, fresh water that the Sierras have sent down into the city. If you feel like enjoying the natural sounds of water in movement, then this is a great choice for you!


The Sparks Marina

If you are looking for more of a quiet area to get your steps in, then the Sparks Marina is absolutely perfect for you! The walking path around the Marina totals 2 miles and there are multiple activities along the path. There are two volleyball courts, playgrounds for the kiddos, benches to relax in, and, of course, a dog park! It is such an enjoyable walk that people tend to travel around the body of water more than once.

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Reno Tahoe History Walks

While you’re reaching your 10k steps you can explore the art, culture, and history of Reno. The Historic Reno Preservation Society offers walking tours that are informative and fun! Not only do these walking tours take place down in the city, but in North Lake Tahoe as well. These tours allow you to see historical mansions, castles, and parks surrounding the lake. These walking tours make it possible for you to get to know the city that you’re visiting AND get your steps in.

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