Halloween Candy and Local Beer Pairings

Halloween Candy and Local Beer Pairings

We all grow up. With growing up comes the sad day when it is no longer socially acceptable to trick-or-treat with your friends on Halloween… but adults want to eat candy too! To get around this injustice of adult targeted candy withholding, prove that 21-and-up can have more fun because adults get to drink beer AND eat candy! Get your candy and beer grubbing on by visiting one of these local Reno Tahoe breweries with these candy pairings in mind. (Dressing up in costume is optional but highly recommended.)

Great Basin Outlaw Milk Stout and Snickers
As Nevada’s oldest brewery you can’t go wrong with any of the beer selections at Great Basin Brewing Company in Reno. However, under these candy circumstances, the Outlaw Milk Stout pairs impeccably with a crowd favorite, Snickers. This dark dreamy beer marries deep coffee-like flavors with a silky texture and flavors that combine perfectly with a nutty, creamy Snickers bar.

The Brewer’s Cabinet Tahoe Amber Ale and Caramel Hard Candies
The Tahoe Amber Ale is a subtly sweet beer that offers malt flavors with high American hop bitterness. As you take a sip, it finishes with a noticeable caramel malt taste. This Amber Ale paired with caramel hard candies will give your taste buds something to enjoy working on.

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Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company’s Lambic Viejo Rojo and Smarties
Hurry and get this beer while you can! The limited addition Viejo Rojo lambic style beer is aged two years in oak cabernet barrels with cherries and blueberries. This beer starts off tart with a warm sweet finish. What could go better with this than the ever so tart and sweet Smarties? Take a sip and then crunch down on some candy.

Stoney Head Brewing Honey Pale Ale and Tootsie Rolls
This Reno brewed beer has a crisp taste with a hint of honey. The Honey Pale Ale is not too heavy and not too light so it is a real crowd pleaser. The same can be said for Tootsie Rolls, a Halloween favorite. Pair these two faintly sweet picks together and enjoy every second!

The Brasserie Saint James Koln Concert and Candy Corn
Experience Oktoberfest with this German style kolsch beer. The Koln Concert gets its flavor from its own special ale yeast. Fully experience the month of October by pairing this German beer with the exclusively made-for-Halloween candy, candy corn.

The Brewery Lake Tahoe Paramount Porter and Whoppers
The Paramount Porter mixes a variety of specialty malts to create an exceptional flavor. Taste chocolate essence with a strong malt undertone. Chocolate and malt…sounds like a whopper! Enjoy this malty beer with one… or ten Whoppers and never feel too old for Halloween candy.

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