Crawl and Beer Events in Reno

Crawl and Beer Events in Reno

We all know that beer is delicious, but it is even more enjoyable when you gulp it down while attending an awesome event. We have several beer drinking events coming to Reno Tahoe. There are themed beer crawls that give everyone the opportunity to dress up, even if its not Halloween! If you love to drink beer and have a good time then you have to check out what Reno has in store.


Lets kick off the beer drinking events with CANFEST. This International Canned Beer Festival will be taking place on Saturday, August 27 from at the Peppermill Resort Hotel. CANFEST gives beer lovers the opportunity to taste beers poured exclusively from cans. With over 100 different breweries from across the country (some from around the world) your taste buds are in for quite a treat! You also get to enjoy live music, silent disco, vendors and a raffle.

Reno Beer Crawls 

On the fourth Saturday of every month Reno Beer Crawl takes place in Downtown Reno. If you participate in a crawl you will have the opportunity to sample domestic, nationally recognized and locally distributed craft beers across 15 different unique bars and restaurants. For just $5 you get a wrist band, map and glass to use for $1 refills of 6 ounces of beer. There are multiple locations that participate such as The Waterfall, Ole Bridge Pub,  Reno Envy, Shelter and much more. The next crawl will be on Saturday, August 27 so buy your tickets today!

Crawl Reno

Crawl Reno puts on themed beer crawls that allow you get to dress up and add even more fun to the event. Whether you want to go all out with your costume or admire other’s dedication, you are in for an unforgettable night. There are crawls all year-round so don’t miss out. For the upcoming moths there is a Pirate crawl on August 13, Pokemon Go Crawl on September 17, Zombie Crawl on October 22, Steampunk Stroll on November 19 and the Santa Crawl on December 10. 

Pirate Crawl – August 13 

Pokemon Go Crawl – September 17

So we announced a #pokemongo crawl today on Facebook and the response has been amazing!

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Zombie Crawl – October 22

Steampunk Stroll – November 19 

Photo Courtesy of Crawl Reno

Santa Crawl – December 10 

Photo Courtesy of Reno Santa Pub Crawl


Cover Photo Courtesy of Beer NV

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