Craft Breweries of Reno Tahoe launch new map

Craft Breweries of Reno Tahoe launch new map


Greatness is brewing up here in the High Sierra. In fact, Reno Tahoe USA has recently become a West Coast hub for hops, where enthusiasts can rejoice in the art and passion of craft beer. Here, we’ve embraced the small-batch movement, with dozens of local brewers and taverns offering both established favorites and seasonal specialties.

This is far more than just a tour for your taste buds. It’s a chance to soak up the culture, history and authentic charm of our region, too. You might find yourself imbibing a finely crafted ale in an authentic train depot or sipping on a perfectly aged spirit in the heart of a historic estate ranch.

From stylish alehouses to casual pubs to hometown distilleries, there’s no better place to belly up to the bar and experience the crafted life as only Reno Tahoe USA can offer.

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Brewery Fun Facts

  • Great Basin’s famous “Icky” IPA is named after Nevada’s official state fossil, the Ichthyosaur.
  • Brasserie Saint James is built on an active spring located 285 feet directly below the historic ice-house.
  • Though the cold water snow-melt streams of Nevada supply some of the cleanest water in the country, most local breweries still treat the water to ensure consistency of their brews.
  • In 1979, there were less than 100 breweries in the United States. Today there are thousands.
  • The Depot is housed in downtown Reno’s former train depot.
  • Frey Ranch has a “ground to glass” philosophy of growing its own ingredients, making it one of the only estate winery and distilleries in the country.
  • Despite the boom of artisan and craft breweries, it still accounts for less than 15% of America’s beer volume, so consider yourself a taste trendsetter.


Reno Tahoe USA would like to remind you to please enjoy responsibly.

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