Basque Culture in Reno

Basque Culture in Reno

Northern Nevada is rich in Basque culture and Reno fully embraces this with restaurants, festivals, monuments, and more. Celebrations of culture are in full swing this month with Artown, so there is no better time than now to immerse yourself in Basque traditions and celebrate some of Reno’s deepest and richest cultural roots.

Basque Dining

Santa Fe Hotel

Family owned and operated for more than 50 years, Santa Fe hotel offers traditional Basque family-style dining, perfect for large parties. Santa Fe Hotel once served as a place for Basque settlers to stay when they arrived in Reno. Since then, it has transitioned into one of Reno’s oldest dining spots sure to satisfy the heartiest of appetites.

Santa Fe Hotel - Reno, NV, United States. So many courses. The chicken entree was our favorite but all good.

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Louis’ Basque Corner

Louis’ Basque Corner was opened in 1967 by Louis and Lorraine Erreguible and has been a statement of Basque culture in Reno ever since. Louis’ Basque Corner serves authentic Basque fare with servers outfitted in traditional Basque clothing. Upstairs houses a full-service bar where you can experience Louis’ signature drink, The Picon Punch.

Louis' Basque Corner - Reno, NV, United States. Sweetbreads, Picon and wine! #basque #nevada #travelnevada

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Basque Culture

The National Monument of the Basque Sheepherder Euskal Artzaiari

If you have ever driven near the intersection of McCarran Blvd. and North Virginia St. then you’ve probably seen the Basque Monument. The monument represents a sheepherder and the map illustrates the Basque settlement in the United States. Warm summer days are the perfect time to hike to the N, or visit Rancho San Rafael Park. So the next time you are in the area, check out this testament to the deep-rooted Basque culture in Northern Nevada.

The National Monument of the Basque Sheepherder Euskal Artzaiari - Reno, NV, United States

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Reno Basque Festival

There is no better way to immerse yourself in a culture than by indulging in the cuisine and experiencing the dance, music, and other traditional activities. The 49th Annual Reno Basque Festival, happening on July 16, 2016 at Wingfield Park, is a day full of celebrations of Basque Culture. Taste the delicious food offerings available from multiple vendors while watching  wood chopping exhibitions and weight carrying competitions.

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Basque Library 

At the University of Nevada, Reno there is a Basque Library that was founded in the late sixties. This library is considered to be the leading library on Basque topics anywhere outside of the Basque Country. Not only does this library supply researchers of Basque Studies with all necessary documentation and information, but it also provides all English publication on Basque culture, history, and topics. If you feel like sharpening your Basque knowledge be sure to check this place out. It is located on the third floor of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center on campus.

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