Animal Encounters in Reno Tahoe

Animal Encounters in Reno Tahoe

We have no shortage of “wildlife” in Reno Tahoe.  Check out these animal experiences that put the “wild” in the Wild West… (in addition to our human wild life: like extreme winter sports and late night bar crawls)

Animal Ark

Animal Ark is a 38-acre wildlife sanctuary and nature center northwest of Reno. Non-releasable wildlife, including a couple recently orphaned black bear cubs, live comfortably in this non-profit haven and visitors have a unique opportunity to view these animals in natural habitat exhibits. Be sure to catch one of their Cheetah racing events, where you can see them run with extraordinary speed, off-leash, across the desert in pursuit of an enticing lure.

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Cheetah Run this Sunday – still a few seats available! #cheetah #animalark #wildlifesanctuary

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Wild Mustangs

Nevada is home to almost half of our nation’s free-roaming wild horses. It’s easy to spot part of the historic Virginia Range herd, over 1,400 strong, while driving up to Virginia City or hiking in that area. Want a one-of a-kind guided experience? Sonny Boy Tours offers four tours in different parts of the Reno Tahoe area to choose from for a unique encounter with these distinctive beasts.



Bird Watching

The Reno Tahoe area is rich with wildlife, including some of the most interesting birds in the country. Go on Mother Nature’s scavenger hunt and see birds like sapsuckers, hawks and eagles. For a guided tour, join Reno-based Lahotan Audubon Society on their bird watching field trips around the area. If you’re interested in exploring on your own, check out their website for an extensive list and map of the best places to spot some feathered friends.



Bears, Oh my!

Although I can’t advise looking for bears… Seriously do not, please… We have our fair share of (not as cuddly in real life) bears in the area. This video surfaced this summer of a mother bear and her two cubs taking a dip in Lake Tahoe. Well played, mom.


P.S. United States Wolf Refuge

The amazing United States Wolf Refuge, located in Sparks, exists to promote and protect the welfare of all wolves and wolf dogs. Although their refuge is normally closed to the public, their Instagram, filled with the wildest #DogsofRenoTahoe, is too good not to share.

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