8 Favorite Local #RenoTahoe Snapchat Accounts

8 Favorite Local #RenoTahoe Snapchat Accounts

Nevada Museum of Art – nevadaart

Anyone who has been to the Nevada Museum of Art knows that not only does it have really cool and unique works of art, but it’s a really active force behind a lot of arts and culture events in the area. I love following their Snapchat for a behind-the-scenes look of what’s happening at this important institution, and because I like looking at beautiful things… who can blame me?


Tahoe University – tahoeuniversity

Launched in downtown Truckee in July, Tahoe University carries one-of-a-kind lifestyle apparel for your Tahoe story. They encourage living an active, good life with the idea that there are #NoBadDays. If you want Tahoe-envy (It’s a thing, trust me) every day of the week, be sure to follow them!


Silver Legacy Resort – silver.legacy

I love following Silver Legacy because not only do they show off some of the coolest features of Silver Legacy Resort and Casino, but the area around it as well. Not only will you drool over their gorgeous downtown Reno photos, but their Snapchat is a really good way to hear about upcoming events they’re hosting.

Screenshot_20160628-144208 Screenshot_20160630-165822

Abbey Kay – abbeykayblog

A gorgeous aesthetic and a love of coffee… We have major snap envy of local lifestyle blogger, Abbey Kay. Follow her snaps for a glimpse into a stylish and yummy life in Reno Tahoe.

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Double Edge Fitness – doubleedgenv

Fitness accounts on social media are somehow even more inspiring when they’re mixed with humor. Double Edge Fitness is a CrossFit gym with two locations in Reno that posts snaps that make you chuckle, and then snaps that make you want to drop your croissant and do 20 pushups. They also post contests that encourage you to go to events in RenoTahoe, with winners receiving free classes.

Screenshot_20160628-141934 Screenshot_20160628-141924

Laura Lawson Visconti – lauravisconti

Laura Lawson Visconti is a social influencer/world traveler who calls Truckee home. See behind the scenes of Laura balancing #TahoeLife with family & friends, adventuring, and being awesome. Expect lots of photos of coffee, outdoor adventuring, and all around FOMO on her Snapchat.


RenoTahoeUSA -renotahoeusa

Come on, you knew I was going to include our Snapchat!  When it’s wintertime, get ready for experience the view from a snowboard on a black diamond. When summer rolls around, it’s time to witness the sunset from a paddleboard, a concert in downtown Reno, or the latest coffee shop opening. We LOVE taking people along to the best events, local spots, and just cool places in RenoTahoe.

Screenshot_20160630-184856  Snapchat-8706866264412683426 Snapchat-2323669412771830043

Spencer Spellman – spencerspellman

You know how everyone has an aunt (or uncle) who isn’t really their aunt but they call them their aunt anyway because they’re awesome and always around? Spencer Spellman is a world travel writer who happens to be obsessed with RenoTahoe.

So even though he isn’t officially a local by home address (he’s based in Los Angeles), I had to include him because when he is visiting RenoTahoe, which is all the time), he takes some of the coolest photos and videos of food, cocktails, and the prettiest parts of the area.


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