5 Things to Do With Your Extra “Fall Back” Hour in Reno Tahoe

5 Things to Do With Your Extra “Fall Back” Hour in Reno Tahoe

Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 6, at 2:00 A.M. It’s the magical time where you get a precious gift from Father Time, an extra hour to do anything you want… or sleep an extra hour. Here in Reno Tahoe, a 24-hour city with adventure around every corner, we have plenty of ideas on what to do during the Fall Back extra hour.

1. Experience incredible eats

If you’ve never experienced the Awful-Awful in downtown Reno, Fall Back might be the best time to discover this magnificent beast of a burger. Aren’t you intrigued by something named because it’s awful big and awful good? Plus, you’ll have an extra hour for your body to digest the pound of fries underneath the incredible thing. Located in The Nugget in downtown Reno and open 24 hours a day, order this with all the fixings at 2:00 A.M. and you might cause a disruption in the time-space continuum in the most delicious way possible.

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2.  Plan your snow schedule

With over a dozen ski resorts within an hour from Reno, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed with decisions for the upcoming season. Where will you spend opening day? Will you be be on a double black diamond chute, in the trees or on bunny hill? Take a deep breath, then take an hour to map out your winter attack, and maybe dust off your gear that’s feeling months of neglect in the garage. Check out the ski resorts opening days here.

3. Take a seasonal sip

Here’s the greatest idea ever: turn your extra hour into Happy Hour! Good luck choosing a favorite out of the several local seasonal beers on tap in Reno Tahoe. From a harvest ale featuring local pine nuts to a stout aged in bourbon barrels, you’ll leave your bar stool with a new appreciation for fall.


Photo by David Calvert/Reno Aces 

 Photo by David Calvert/Reno Aces                                                Photo by Great Basin Brewing Company

4.  Awe at art

There’s a feast for your eyes around every corner in Reno Tahoe. Take a fascinating look at America’s favorite pastime at Reno Aces photographer David Calvert’s photography exhibit in downtown Reno or take a stroll down MidTown and see 60+ murals from international street artists. You might need more than one hour at Nevada Museum of Art in downtown Reno. See a diverse range of rotating exhibitions including an immersive light installation to Aboriginal Australian paintings. Looking to head outdoors to see Mother Nature’s latest handiwork? Take a quick drive up Mt. Rose Highway past the snow-capped mountains for a stunning sunset that you have to see to believe.

5. Immerse yourself in destination inspiration!

If it’s social, we’re on it. Whether it’s for an hour or for one minute, get inspired on Reno Tahoe social media channels. Say hello and be sure to tag #RenoTahoe when posting your own images of what you did with your Fall Back hour, whether it’s massive burgers or Tahoe sunsets, for a chance to be featured.

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